~Freight Station Exhibit~

Free Admission



             "Making Music"                      

                       Now Open                        

                                     At the Freight Station                                                              Wednesdays thru Saturdays Noon - 3pm

    Trez Music Education Center Students Perform

               Live Music as your enjoy our "Making Music" Exhibit

                        Saturday, April 22nd

                  12-3 pm at the Freight Station



            Saturday, March 18th  

    Union Church Open for "Making Music" Exhibit

Come and listen to period music being played on the 1890's pump organ


April 3 - Antiques Appraisal -                 Mechanicsburg Style

            6:30-9pm at the Passenger Station

                2 items per person; $5 per item                                             ( See here for more infor)

Earth Day Sidewalk Yard Sale April 15th               9-3pm  At the Passenger Station

        Rent table space outside the Passenger Station                                 and join the community for Earth Day                                Call museum for more information or                        

                ( Click here for more information)

            Saturday, May 20th

        Penn-Cumberland Garden Club

                                Plant Sale & More

            9:00-1:00pm at the Frankenberger Tavern



                    ~2023 Lecture Series~

Held at the Passenger Station

            Non-members $5.00, members &                  children under 12 free

Wednesday talks begin at 1:00, Sunday talks at 2:00 

Starting back up in March 2023

                        Wednesday, March 22nd

        "One Room Schools of Mechanicsburg Area"

                                              Bill Murray, Archivist & Historian

Wednesday, April 19th

"Well Behaved Taverns Seldom Make History"

                                                        Diane  McCormick


                        Wednesday, May 10th

                            "Pennsylvania Patriots"

                                Lawrenc Knorr,  Historian & Publisher

                           Wednesday, June 14 

                          "American Impressionissts"

                                         Meg Rean, Artist & Business Owner

150th Anniversary Party For The Passenger Station Music, Surrey Rides, Artisans, and History.

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